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I made the first Rocking Sheep for my niece Julie as a humorous reminder of her country roots. My brother and I grew up on a small farm in a fertile and self-sufficient environment, and both our parents were creative people. The wood for Julie’s Rocking Sheep was recycled wood. The rockers were made from a cola billboard, and the sheepskin was from a sheep which had lived its life on her grandparents’ farm.

The success and status of the Rocking Sheep as a design classic has meant that I cannot overcome the entire work process myself. As the production method is an important part of the history and authenticity of the Rocking Sheep, I have chosen to use small, local workshops as subcontractors.

Over the years the Rocking Sheep has been copied, but a copy is usually easy to spot, as the genuine article has not changed its design since it was put into production in 1981.If in doubt send me a photo, then I can tell whether you have a genuine Rocking Sheep or not.

The first Rocking Sheep

Dad, brother, little Povl and the tail of a cow

Julie with the sheep

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