Rocking Sheep

In 1981 I made the first Rocking Sheep for my niece as a humorous reminder of her country roots. Over time it has become a Danish Design classic sold all over the world. It is connected to Scandinavian style because of its clean design and pure materials.

The design is still the same and the first Rocking Sheep is still rocking, now with a new generation of children.

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  • White dense wool, 110110

    Rocking Sheep White Dense Wool

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  • White long wool, 110210

    Rocking Sheep White Long Wool

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  • Black long wool, 110211

    Rocking Sheep Black Long Wool

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  • Grey long wool, 110213

    Rocking Sheep Grey Long Wool

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  • Pink long wool 110114

    Rocking Sheep Pink

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  • Brown long wool, 110212

    Rocking Sheep Brown Long Wool

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  • Brown dense wool, 110112

    Rocking Sheep Brown Dense Wool

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The Rocking Sheep is for the entire family

The Rocking Sheep is just as much a stool/footstool as it is a toy. Its natural space is in the living room where it is used by the whole family. First, it is used as a rocking horse, but soon it finds use as a television stool for the slightly older and footstool for the adults. The Rocking Sheep is an heirloom that follows your family from generation to generation as the bearer of the good childhood memories.


Get name or message hand carved into your Rocking Sheep  

To make the Rocking Sheep even more personal I can hand carve the name of the child or a personal message into the rocker.
The design or the materials for the Rocking Sheep have not been changed over the years. Due to the high demand for my products, I do not manufacture all the different parts myself anymore, and I have found small local workshops where wood carver, joiner, and wood turner make the individual parts for the Rocking sheep. I still finish every piece of craft and ensure that the quality of new Rocking Sheep is just as good as the almost 40 years old Rocking Sheep which still rocks today.


The sheepskins I use.

All sheepskins used for my works are from domestic animals. The sheep are bred for meat production, and the skin has less value in this respect. Large amounts of lambskin are not tanned, so when a Rocking Sheep is upholstered with sheepskin, it is a resource that is being exploited rather than wasted.

Sheep are hardy animals that thrive on poor, not intensively cultivated soil, and in Iceland, New Zealand, Norway and Ireland from where I get my sheepskin, the sheep walk freely with their lambs in a clean and unspoiled nature


The Rocking Horse became a sheep – A Rocking Sheep!

A rocking horse was my first idea, when I wanted to craft a gift for my niece, but I quickly decided that a sheep was a much better idea.

The rocking horse did not have the same meaning – And I already had a definite idea of what kind of gift I wanted to give to the child.

With its eyes and smile the Rocking sheep is friendly and inviting, the wool is warm and soft, and the overall design is light and bright. Children often receive the Rocking Sheep when they are very small, and these are qualities that the children love and which make them feel safe, allowing the Rocking Sheep to become a lasting part of their life.

Older children find it funny that the rocking horse is a sheep, and adults appreciate the design values, the good craftsmanship, and the authentic materials.