Make the Rocking Sheep a personal gift - Get name or a greeting carved into the rocker for FREE! (Value 34$)
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The Rocking Sheep ages with grace, but if the skin is worn down completely it can be re-upholstered. At the same time the frame is inspected and tightened if necessary.
If you want a new rocking sheep with your own sheepskin this is also an option.

The Rocking Sheep is a personal gift, and you can have the child’s name, date or personal message carved by hand into the rocker.

Imperfection in wood and production is so rare that until now I have carried out all repairs without time limit or extra cost. General wear and freight make an exception.

The sheep skin is very resistant and hard-wearing, and usually it requires no special care. If the wool becomes a little flat on the back it can be brushed up with a stiff brush. The wool can be washed, but the skin should not be too wet. If the sheep has a spot on the wool you can “wash” it with foamed up soap flakes and rub it with a towel. Don´t be afraid of left over soap in the skin as the soap will protect both wool and skin. The wood can be cleaned with a piece of damp cloth, and after some years of use you can refresh it with a little oil.

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